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Janitorial Services


                Nightly janitorial service is provided Monday through Friday starting after 6:00pm. The regular nightly service include emptying all waste baskets, spot dusting, spot vacuuming, clean and sanitize all counters and sinks, and sanitize door handles. 
                On a monthly basis, the janitorial company will complete a “detail clean” of all Tenant suites. The monthly detail cleaning schedule is provided to the tenant contact by email at the beginning of every month. 
                The cleaning crew will not move any items on desks, shelves, or other flat surfaces in order to clean; they will simply clean around any items.

Vanguard Center has two day porters that service the property, inside and outside. The interior day porter restocks restrooms, assists with any spills, or extra cleaning. The exterior day porter polices the property for trash and empties the exterior waste bins and cigarette urns. Please contact the management office if a restroom needs restocked/cleaned or excess garbage on the property.



A recycle bin will be provided per office and the janitorial company will empty the recycling bin on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All cardboard waste must be broken down before Janitorial will remove the waste and any items not able to fit inside the bin will need to be labeled “trash” or “recycling”.