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Operations Details


Building Hours:

Monday – Friday       8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Saturday                      8:00 am - 1:00 pm

Sunday & Holidays      No services provided unless requested in advance

Multi-story buildings typically unlock by 7:00am and lock at 6:00pm Monday through Friday and unlock Saturdays at 7:30am and lock at 1:30pm.

Building Access:

The multi-story buildings within Vanguard Center have electronic access control systems and all persons entering the building outside of normal building hours are required to use an access card. Only the Tenant Contacts on file with the Lincoln Harris Management office may request building access cards on behalf of their employees.


Please assign one person from your office to serve as the main contact person. We will direct all information, correspondence and notices to the tenant contact. Your tenant contact can distribute information from Lincoln Harris throughout your office. All requests for non-routine service should come from the tenant contact to Lincoln Harris Management. Please complete and return the attached Tenant Contact Form and notify the management office if the contact person changes.


Emergency Contacts

We will need two after-hours emergency contacts for your office. These representatives will only be contacted in the event of an after-hours emergency that directly affects your suite. Please complete and return the Tenant Contact Form and notify the management office if the contact person changes.

Fire Warden Contacts

Please appoint one (1) Fire Warden and (1) Backup Fire Warden for your office to coordinate fire drills and emergency procedures with Building Management. Please complete and return the attached Fire Warden and Back up Fire Warden Acknowledgement Forms and notify the management office if the contact person changes.


Contractor Access:

Lincoln Harris must pre-approve any contractors working on the property including Tenant spaces. All contractors must provide a Certificate of Insurance and complete an activity access form to the management office before starting any work on-site.


A recycle bin will be provided per office and the janitorial company will empty the recycling bin on Tuesdays and Thursdays. All cardboard waste must be broken down before Jan itorial will remove the waste and any items not able to fit inside the bin will need to be labeled “trash” or “recycling”.


Mailbox Locations:

In multi-story buildings, a centralized mailbox is provided in the building and box and keys will be assigned upon move in. US Postal Service, UPS, and FEDEX exterior drop boxes are located between buildings 5600 and 5550 and an additional UPS and USPS drop boxes are located between buildings 5250 and 5200.


Smoking Policy:

Smoking shall be prohibited in the Building and shall be permitted only in areas designated by the Landlord within the Project, if any.


Solicitation Policy:

Vanguard Center is a non-soliciting property. Signage prohibiting solicitation is located at the main entrance to the park and on several entrance doors of each building. Should an issue arise with a solicitor, please ask for a business card and contact the management office.